– Semester Project in React

The Idea

BetterBriefs is a website for programmers who want to improve their programming skills without thinking about a project idea and concept. The main goal for the user is to build a website with the given criteria and needs of the persona. The user will get a randomly generated brief including the idea, persona, colors, fonts, and a wireframe. The user should be able to start programming after reading the generated proposal without thinking about a concept. The main part is to get a realistic random generated brief, which is easy to understand. Features like “add to favorites”, “print pdf” etc. are also available.

The Problem

The existing online brief/idea generators like concentrate solely on short briefs which include a project idea but not a complete concept that is needed to start building a website. Programmers who want to practice and improve their skills in programming have to think about a concept (layout, colors, fonts, …) on their own before they can start with the implementation. The existing online generator tools are focused too much on the ideation phase instead of the coding one.